What is a Verruca or Wart?

Human Papilloma Virus

It is a benign viral skin infection. Other names:

  • Foot - Verruca pedis, verruca vulgaris, plantar warts, mosaic
  • Hand - Warts, periungal warts (around finger nails)
  • Face - Filiform warts,
  • Body - Common wart, flat wart 

Differntial Diagnosis

Need to distinguish a wart or verruca:

  • Molluscum contagiosum  a viral infection in children
  • Corns, hard skin, encapsulated splinter
  • Solar keratosis
  • Sebborhoeic keratosis
  • Neuroma

How Do I Get Them?

Through contact of the skin with the presence of the virus:

  • Communal areas e.g. damp floor
  • Contaminated surfaces
  • Direct skin contact e.g. shaking hands
  • Infected footwear
  • Family or friends

What Can I do?

Topical Treatments

You can try to use a topical treatment.

  • Diagnose problem first
  • Strictly follow instructions
  • Not to use if have vascular or diabetic issues
  • Stop using if get no result after 4 - 6 weeks
  • Duct tape - takes forever!
  • Banana skins, kiss a frog?????

When to go a Podiatrist?

See an experienced podiatrist when:

  • Not sure of exact diagnosis
  • Topical shop treatments not working or causing problems e.g. pain, affecting activities/lifestyle
  • Infection spreading
  • Health issues e.g. diabetes, immune issues

Prevention and Prognosis

An experienced podiatrist can advice:

  • Prevention = Protection e.g. verruca socks, Spirularin, spirit
  • Treat family, partners at home
  • Can sometimes spontaneously resolve, but can't say when
  • Can spread if not treated
  • Can spread if not treated properly

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