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Effective Verruca and Wart Treatments

Hampshire Verruca Treatment clinic  treating  verrucae and body warts. 

  • Homeopathic Marigold therapy
  • Keratolytic acid treatments
  • Cryotherapy freezing
  • Swift microwave 
  • Nd:YAG 1064nm laser
  • Needling and cautery

Knowledge and Experience

Over 34 years in-depth knowledge in knowing how the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infects skin cells and how we can effectively treat it to leave you with clear blemish free skin. Understanding why you have got a verruca or wart is important in knowing how to eradicate it. It can be one of the hardest clinical  challenges a podiatrist is faced with, as verucae and warts can be notoriously hard to treat, but not for us. We will help you to get a  resolution.

High Success Rates

We treat treatment resistant infections whereby other clinics have failed. We have a very high success rate and will take that bit of consented extra risk to get the job done. 

Verruca and Wart Treatments

Treatments for Children and Delicate Skin

Children generally do not 'catch' verrucae or warts until the age of 5. We believe in a more gentle approach in treating young children, and often it is just a case of giving their immune systems a little nudge. Resolution times are quicker than for adults. For young children we have  homeopathic Marigold therapy and the tried and tested 70% Salicylic acid option. For older age groups 11+, we have cryotherapy, medium strength acids and  can offer offer Swift or laser only if it is considered appropriate for the child and the problem.

Verruca and Wart Treatments For Adults

Adults seem to have more issues in getting rid of verrucae or warts. Their immune systems need far more nudging than for children. All treatment options are available to them dependent on health, infection type and location, but generally when adults come to our clinic they have "tried everything!" and are looking for a tougher approach to the problem. Through a thorough assessment of the presenting infection and how it affects that individual we will select the appropriate course of treatment. Not one treatment fits all. Must consider lifestyle.

Powerful Effective Verruca Solutions

Our Hampshire Verruca Clinic offers the best in medical and surgical verruca and wart treatments. We have the new Swift  microwave technology, Fotona Nd:YAG 1064nm laser, Schuco Electrosurgery and the Cryopen cryotherapy. We can even needle, but why when you have a  laser? We are specialists in advanced analgesic techniques for pain free treatments when required. We always stick to strict protocols to be safe and effective and all podiatrists are appropriately trained.

Quick Laser Verruca Treatment

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